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A Letter for Joe Faith Based Feature Film* 1:23 Storyhub provided production sound mixer for all scenes with Gena Burghoff, Stream on Pureflix
Bad Neighborhood Faith Based Feature Film
2:15 Barb finds herself stranded in a Bad Neighborhood and under faith being tested. (Storyhub provided Production Sound Mixer, Technical Supervisor) Stream  on CMDtv
CBN - Hurston Family Network News 3:17 Interview with the Hurston Family on Christian Broadcasting Network (Storyhub filmed the actual interview with Joe and Cindy - lighting, production sound mixer, and camera)
Commercials Voice Over 5:31 Commercials for Faces of Italy show (Storyhub provided voice over, re-recording)
Deserted Faith Based Short Film
1:31 Alice Barnett begins to doubt if she would be left to deal with a world overrun by heathen during the time of tribulation foretold in the Bible. (Storyhub provided Production Coordinator, production sound mixer)
Diana's Discovery Short Film


A little girl discovers something new about life.
(Storyhub provided producer, lighting, DP, steadicam, and production sound mixer)
Eco Tour Commercial


Take a tour down the beautiful Saint John's River in Florida.
(Storyhub provided lighting, generator, DP, production sound mixer)
Faces of Italy Network TV Series 22:47 Where old style Italian cooking meets with the new! (Storyhub provided Director of Photography, lighting, production sound mixer, Post Audio, Casting Director, AP)
God Where are You? Faith Based Feature Film
2:43 When you're hungry for hope...
Storyhub provided Production Sound Mixer, Electrician (not credited), Second Unit Gaffer (not credited) Behind the Scenes Interview Stream on PureFlix  Stream on CMDtv
Heading Home Faith-Based Feature Film Scene 7:48 Trailer for feature film "Heading Home" featuring Corbin Bernsen. (Storyhub provided Production Coordinator, production sound mixer,  lighting and sound equipment and technical consulting for scene 2:40 - 2:56)
Heart of the Matter Faith-Based short film 10:51 Storyhub wrote, produced, directed, and filmed.
Hula School Promo Website promo commercial 1:25 Storyhub produced and directed.
I'll Believe You Feature Film 1:20:00 Theatrical Released feature film (Storyhub provided boom operator, sound consultant) Watch full film
Krystas Kingdom Christmas Special Network TV Series
6:31 Christmas special with original song and telling of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (Storyhub produced and recorded song, DP, casting director, puppet design, construction, won Crystal Reel Award for Best Director of Photography)
StoryFest 2013 Non-profit Promotional Videos Contains Multiple Videos Storyhub provided stage lighting, live sound, production sound mixer, DP, and was a sponsor of the event.
StoryFest 2014 Non-profit Promotional Videos
Lakeside Inn Promo
Contains Multiple Videos Storyhub provided stage lighting, live sound, production sound mixer, DP, and was a sponsor of the event.
Summer Storyfest Non-profit Promotional Videos Contains Multiple Videos Storyhub provided short promotional videos to provide a feel for what it was like at the first Florida Summer Storyfest in Mt. Dora, FL.
Sweet Tweets Network TV Series 22:01 A show that looks at what's Trending, the Hot Tweets and of course- What's on Your mind!
(Storyhub provided Director of Photography, production sound mixer, Post Audio, Casting Director, AP)
Team Bravo Bears: Mission One Animation Trailer
0:59 Hero teddy bears in space! Running Time: 34 mins
(Storyhub provided Casting, Sound Director, Dialog Mixer, Re-recording Mixer, Sound Designer and Sound Effects, Render Farm Engineering, IT Support)
You Are the Supermodel National and International TV Series 22:00 A womens magazine series for all ages. (Storyhub provided lighting, production sound mixer, Director of Photography, Casting Director, AP)
Recently completed 34 episodes for season 2.
Professional Industry Organization   Storyhub is a corporate member of Women in Film and Television Florida Chapter.
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